SMS API for do wysyłania SMS Polska

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Handling errors

This API will return a 4xx http response code on wrong input and sends a human readable error back.

Example failed response:
Status code: 400 Bad Request,


	"error": "error parsing json"


	"error": "104"
	"errorMsg": "Invalid credentials"
Error Explanation
102 No message provided
103 Phone number is required or invalid
104 Invalid Credentials
105 We are currently having issues with our servers. Please try again later
106 Destination number [xxxx] missing or invalid
108 Not enough credits.
109 Sender name cannot be empty
110 You used the sender number, this always has to start with a +.
111 You are using an invalid sender name. This field can be maximum 11 characters or 14 digits long
112 Message Required
113 Order Required
114 Empty Request
118 An sms message cannot be longer than 459 characters. Some special characters, like €, count as 2
121 Date [xxxx] is invalid or in the past.
122 No contacts sent
123 Object didn't have an ID
124 Parameter groupid required
125 Group not found
126 Name is required
128 Group [xxxx] not found
129 Number [xxxx] already exists in group
131 This number is on your opt-out list. This person does not want to receive messages.
132 Inbox not found
133 Message not found
134 Webhook ID not found
135 If set, the limit parameter must be a integer bigger than 0 and not bigger than 2000
136 If set, the page parameter must be a integer bigger than 0
200 Access to the gateway API is not allowed because your IP address is not allowed.


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